ShopaholicTT – Why are we here?

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The Problem

Covid-19 has impacted many businesses and has closed many doors but has certainly opened a door for more online businesses.

People know what they are looking for.

What they don’t know is the company name that can provide it locally, so they turn to larger names like Amazon.

The Solution

Wouldn’t it be great if all businesses and entrepreneurs’ products were listed all in one place making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for locally? #support local

Many companies want to be online, however, having their own website comes at a cost, and then driving traffic to that website can also be time-consuming and the results may not be what was expected.

ShopaholicTT wanted to create an online community space for companies to showcase and sell their products.


Yes you read that right we have free registration and it is free to add unlimited products. We only plan to charge for advertising and any deliveries we do.

So rest assured we aren’t going anywhere.

OUR GOAL #support local

That simple hashtag says it all. Many persons turn to foreign websites to get their shopping done safely but we have many entrepreneurs locally who can fill that need. By giving local entrepreneurs an online presence to advertise their products, persons can find anything their looking for.

A win win for everyone.


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