How to add products to your store on ShopaholicTT?

We’re here to help you get ready.

Once you’ve registered as a Vendor you can add products.

The Add Products appears on the menu once you’ve successfully logged in.

To add a product

Click add product on the menu bar (Desktop)

For Mobile users Click Account (Bottom Right Hand Side)

Choose Add New Products from the list

Add new product (Mobile)

Adding Product Details

Add a product (From your dashboard)

Follow the below steps

  1. Add the title of the product
  2. Set the price (Optional) If an item is on sale set the sale price
  3. Click Schedule à Enter the start date that the item will be on sale
  4. Enter the end date of the sale
  5. Enter a short description of the product (Avoid adding images here)
  6. Add product main image
  7. Add any other products associated with the product (for example different colors the product is available in)
  8. Choose the category you think best suits your product
Add Product Details (Mobile View)

On mobile , scroll down pass the descriptions to add the main product image

Adding Main Product Image

That’s it you’re done!

How your new product looks to your customer

Setting Up A Sale

For Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday you can schedule the sale from date and up to date.

Select Schedule

Select Schedule

Select the From and the To Sale Dates

You can have a sale any time you like for as long as you like.

If no date is set the product will always appear discounted once there is a price in the Sale Price ($) field.


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